Competition & Living Lab Platform (Annex 74) Science & Technology (Subtask A) Focus Report 2: Topical Paper

Within the IEA Technology Collaboration Program (IEA TCP) framework relevant research on building en-ergy performance and renewable energy supply in the built environment was done and published recently. Namely in the Energy in Buildings and Communities TCP, Solar Heating and Cooling TCP and Heat Pump Technology TCP cover technical expertise related to living labs. The purpose of the report is to make this knowledge base available to those who are intending to participate in a living lab competition and those who are on the way to set up their own living lab. With a set of so-called topical papers experts from Annex 74 and other Annexes have summarized the state of the art and research on selected topics to allow a compact overview for future organizers and teams. In the case of modular construction and sustainability in construction the main source was an in-depth technical analysis of former editions of the Solar Decath-lon, mainly the European edition.


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