Episodisches Erzählen : Erzählen in Episoden Medientheoretische Überlegungen zur Systematik, Typologie und Historisierung

The article discusses episodic storytelling in narratological terms. The focus lies on those cases of episodic storytelling in which a linear story is split into episodic entities by means of narrative and/or media-related caesurae. This episodic storytelling – we might speak of an episodic storytelling in a narrow, narratological sense – is systematically defined by characteristic techniques of narrative closure. It comprises two subtypes, a ‘storytelling in episodes’ versus a ‘proper episodic storytelling’, which – all interferences set aside – differ with respect to the stronger or weaker narrative autonomy of the individual episode. Both subtypes seem to have had their own literary history at least since the European Middle Ages. Throughout the article, careful attention is given to the (historically variable) media-related mechanisms which facilitate, regulate and restrict episodic storytelling.


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