Klaviere und Flügel aus dem Wupperthale

Instrumentenbau in der Wupperregion und am Niederrhein während des 19.Jahrhunderts am Beispiel der Orgel- und Klavierbauerfamilie Ibach

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RUD. IBACH SOHN is the oldest producing piano factory in the world and is managed by the founders family until today. The dissertation describes the way of the enterprise during the first hundred years, from the end of the 18th until the end of the 19th century. The 19th century is to classify in two evolution periods: a time of handicraft piano manufacturing until approximately 1869 and a time of industrial production that has its highest level just before World War I. Economy, cultural and genealogical aspects are central points of the investigation, as e.g. the Ibach-family, the technical evolution of the pianos, funds troubles, retail problems and export, the situation of the employees, procurement of raw material, exhibitions, the beginning of the first manufacturers associations as well as artistic instrument design. The numerous contacts between Ibach and a lot of composers and pianists are gaining particular interest.
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