Using of international classifications in Testaccommodation for employees with disabilities

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In German-speaking countries, the adaptation of performance test procedures for candidates with disabilities has not been addressed. Not even the introduction of the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) (similat to the amercan ADA) so far nothing has changed. For this reason, the standard is based as determined by the professional aptitude testing diagnostics for candidates with disabilities are not very meaningful. This work will provide an impetus for research and for the implementation of the test in practice. First international methods and test results are collated in order to derive insights for appropriate test accommodations. Following this, the process history of the Institute for Human Resources Development and aptitude test (IFP) and the test adjustments used there since 2009 and will be presented to the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) connected. The objective is to develop a basis for the barrier liberation marketable performance tests. Were examined approximately 120,000 applicants from 2009 to 2014 who had applied for an education in the public sector. Among these 1624 candidates with disabilities were. In the Test season 2013/2014 around 300 applicants processed in an additional online survey questionnaire to the competence and locus of control of staples (1991), which searches for a variable influencing the social environment. In addition, processed applicants with disabilities additional test tasks without barrier liberation, which were used to study the effects of test adjustments. The results showed significant effects in the use of customized test procedures, however, also revealed further development needs. In particular, in testing with high-speed components, difficulties identified in the seasonal adjustments: With the increasing development of adaptive test method can however also here to promise a solution. The importance of customized test procedures, offering candidates equal opportunities will, underpinned by the results of the personal control. Thus a significantly less pronounced self-concept own abilities as well as a lower self-efficacy has been demonstrated for applicants with disabilities as for applicants without disabilities. Therefore, the author argues for equal treatment by adjusting test conditions rather than on performance waiver by bonus shares. A significant contribution to further developments will make the ICF. Already today can be disability-related limitations describe very specifically with this classification, so that an aptitude test can be individually adjusted, while comparable. This is necessary to define the correct allocation of candidates to test changes, what has become clear in reviewing the large print version. Moreover, a systematic application of this classification not only enables cross-organizational, but also an international evaluation. The significant résumé is that the research in Germany this topic has yet to conquer. The currently implemented inclusion in schools continues in a few years continued in the training market. This requires a wider range of subjects within the meaning of diversity of diagnosticians and test engineers in principle to take in the view. The practical implementation in professional competitions is also from government institutions and - must be supported Actions
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Prof. Dr. Häcker, Hartmut O. [Thesis advisor]
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