Der Architekt Heinrich Plange (1857 - 1942) - Ein Baumeister des Unternehmertums in der bergischen Region

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Heinrich Plange (born 1857 in Elberfeld, died 1942 in Wetter an der Ruhr), worked as both a government and private architect in the „Bergisch“ region, where he mainly built residences for entrepreneurs, many splendid examples of which still exist today.
His father, Wilhelm Plange (1809-1879), made a name for himself as vice-president of the Bergisch-Märkish Railway, but also worked as an architect, and was responsible for building the church in Schwelm. After studying with Julius Carl Raschdorff at the Technical University of Berlin (1878-1880), Heinrich Plange distinguished himself by designing a number of representative villas, which he initially planned and built in partnership with the architect Fritz Hagenberg.
Thanks to his connections to potential clients through the exclusive Casino Society in Elberfeld, Heinrich Plange soon became a fashionable architect for the local high society. The style of his buildings reflects the architectural tastes of the higher classes in the Wupper region.
Between 1889 and 1911, Heinrich Plange designed and built six churches. Especially noteworthy is that his design for the Protestant church in Hagen-Wehringhausen was even given preference over that of such a prominent rival as Peter Behrens. Besides villas and churches, Plange also created business buildings that contributed to the new style of architecture that was starting to come into fashion around 1900.
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