Farben in Europa

Zur Entwicklung individueller und kollektiver Farbpräferenzen

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The objective of this thesis is to show how and why specific colours are 'at home' in different European regions, i.e. certain colours occur more often and are also preferred by inhabitants depending on the region within Europe. The development of individual and collective colour preferences are illustrated on the basis of empirical as well as theoretical results of the research carried out. The paper is divided into two parts. The first part is a historical and systematic summary of selected aspects from the theory of cognition and perception which serve to explain colour understanding and colour perception. The intention is to enable a better comprehension of present views on the issue through their historical origins. The focal point of the second part of the thesis is the representation and interpretation of the empirical research, as well as its interpretation and its theoretical grounds. Hereby the following points have been taken into account: Firstly the analysis of journeys to various European regions and the chance to observe 'culture specific colour charts'. The knowledge gained is documented in colour tests, colour sample collections (e.g. colour reference cards usual in the particular market, house paint colours, consumer goods, rock-and soil samples) colour references, etc. and in a comprehensive AV slide show. Secondly the all-human circumstances of colour perception and colour behaviour within the scope of an integral approach in the context of topical theory approaches (e.g. cognitive psychology, homeostasis, systems theory ) lead to the deduction of rules for human creation and design. The distinctive role of 'collective perception patterns' for the designer is emphasised within the illustration.
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