Establishing a local user code for authors

You as author will need personal access to the data. This will consist of a local user code and a password. It gives you authorisation to "set up" new documents in

You can create a user code for yourself by means of the top-left Login button. You are free to choose both the user code and the password. In both cases you must pay heed to the use of the upper and lower case.

Please fill in the entry mask Generate a new personal user account and send it off. After successfully setting up your user code, you can view your personal author data file and, if necessary, make changes to it, and then set up a new document in

Installing Java Plug-in for your browser

If you want to upload files into one of your documents und you see the following image, the java plugin inside your browser is missing.

Please go to and download the appropriate java runtime environment for your system. After installation a confirmation message is shown, if the plugin should be executed or not. If you approve you are able to use the plugin to upload any files you want.