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File format and directory structure for documents

To clear up any misunderstandings beforehand: your data are duplicated, not relocated. Everything remains in its place as before. Upload is limited up to 100 MB.

Your document may exist in any machine-readable format. If it is written in one of the standard formats, this server will make the programme needed to open the document available to users for downloading, automatically and directly in the document description. If, however, you are looking to target a large circle of users (without annoying them), it is worth bearing in mind that there is not just one single platform and one single operating system. Should you have the possibility, you can convert your document into other formats and include these different versions as file domains. The HMTL, PDF and Postscript formats are universally readable beyond the limits of computer architectures and software systems. Although a number of converters are available for Word data formats, not all function one hundred per cent, however, with the result that the one or other user may be confronted with occasional corruptions of your original document, this being all the more the case the more elaborately you have constructed the data file.

Your document probably consists not just of one single data file but of a group of data files that are perhaps ordered hierarchically in directories. Our server is able to follow this hierarchy. ZIP your files in any structure you want and upload it to . The system will unzip the file and put all files into the document. Subdirectories are kept inside this process. The data files do not have to be on the hard disk of your computer. Flash drives, CD-ROMs or PC drives are equally as good as long as they are directly accessible.

URL instead of copying offers the user the possibility to download all data files from a file set in a ZIP data file. If you wish to disable this service for copyright reasons, you can specify the URL of the document on your own server instead of copying the document files to The user will then find an external link in the document description. If choosing this option you should keep in mind to do any changes in the address of the document on our server as well as on your server to avoid the annoying problem of non-accessible links.

Full-text search

Full-text search

With you can make all words of your document searchable, not only the words of the document description which you create with the input mask. Our server automatically takes all words in text files, HTML files and XML files of the document into the full-text index.
Please note that, e.g., DOC or RTF files not contain pure text, but, in addition, still formats and graphic elements.