Abgabe Elektronischer Dissertationen Delivery electronic dissertations

What does the university library need to publish your dissertation?

  • The full text of your doctoral dissertation in electronic form including all illustrations, graphs and tables.

    Please, deliver your thesis in the PDF format.

    So that a long-term preservation of your dissertation is possible, you should follow with the production of the PDF file the following points:

    • all used fonts and images must be integrated into the file
    • no encryption or password protection, also not for partial functions, like printing or copying
    • please pay attention that in your PDF file a full-text search is possible

    These requirements are necessary, for the long-term preservation of your work.

    Here you can get further information from the German National Library.

  • An abstract in electronic form relating to your thesis. Please, deliver it in simple text (txt).

  • The completely filled-in and signed form for electronic dissertation submission.

  • Deliver three bound copies of your dissertation on non-ageing, wood-free and acid-free paper.

    Please, pay attention to the fact that the printed version of your dissertation is identical with the PDF version. The pagination in the printed version may not differ from those in the electronic version.

Please hand in the form and the printed copies to the library.

Cumulative Thesis

We highly recommend to note, that in general the publisher has the copyright on all published articles you may consider to use in your work.

Even as an author you have to contact the publisher of your articles to ask for support.
Most enterprises offer the opportunity to purchase a license (free or charged) for further use in the defending process.

Please read the obtained licenses carefully and be aware we need the permission to publish the electronic version of your thesis

worldwide to anyone everywhere anytime without any restrictions.

Our repository is non-commercial and open access.

In case you are not sure what to do, please contact us in due time.
We would like to help you before things go wrong to prevent rising costs or delays.

Information about curriculum vitae in online dissertations

Even if printed copies of a dissertation contain a biography, this should be excluded from electronic versions for reasons of data protection.

We recommend replacing - in the electronic version - the biography with pages containing the following (or similar) text: "The biography is not included in the online version for reasons of data protection".

Please ensure that the number of pages does not change because of this.

Placing an electronic dissertation in Elpub Wuppertal

  • Once you are on the servers homepage you will see the word Dissertations in the navigation bar on the left.

  • Choose there Publish online.

  • For publishing a dissertation, the registration with your personal user account is required.
    Choose the link Please log in here with your personal user account!
  • On the now following page you can login or generate a new local user account by yourself.

  • After a successful login with your user account you can place your dissertation in Elpub Wuppertal.

The dissertation placed by you will not be published immediately. Only after being checked by the library will your publication be found on our server.
Your dissertation will also be transmitted to the German National Library where it will be stored for the long-term and also disseminated. Once transmitted, your publication can't be changed or deleted by no terms. Please keep this in mind and use only final versions.

!! As soon as your dissertation has been published, the document can no longer be altered - not even by yourself. !!

Special points to note when simultaneously publishing an electronic dissertation at a publishing company

The university library has no objections to the publishing of an electronic dissertation through a publishing house, afterwards. As, however, when making a copyright deposit of your own dissertation in electronic form, you thus assign the right to the university library and assure at the same time that no rights of third parties are infringed with the publication of the work on the Internet by the library, you must take this into consideration for the further dissemination/publication by publishing houses. You should therefore, if you are considering this, make clear to the relevant publishing house beforehand that your work is also being disseminated on the Internet at the same time.

Contact Persons

  • Frau Wiesiolek-Huke (Tel.:0202-439-3971)
  • Frau Strunk (Tel.:0202-439-2730)
Main e-mail adress: elpub@bib.uni-wuppertal.de